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Help fit for your life

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Health & Care designed
for the 21st century

Care should be convenient. That’s why we’re always available whenever and wherever you need. In-person, via video, or just a message away.

Comprehensive, cash-pay visits for $175. Insurance also accepted.

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The essentials and more

Our medical care services encompass a wide range of essentials ranging from preventative and routine check-ups to managing chronic conditions, promoting overall wellness, and addressing individuals health needs. No matter your need, we treat you like we would our own families bringing personalized attention and compassionate, expert care.

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Support for your next step.

And the one after that. You’ve got lots of choices, options, and questions. We’ll help you navigate a clear path forward.

"With Clay Health and Care, I have a direct line of communication to friendly, knowledgeable people who are committed to my welfare and who are eager to help me reach my various health goals."

- Johnathan M.

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It’s like having a doctor in the family.

When we say care, we mean it. It starts with treating you like a family member. When you join, you’ll get your own Clay Guide to navigate every single step of your health and care journey alongside you.

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Your dedicated Clay Guide® will support your unique path wherever you’re starting from. 

Illustration showing the four stages of the continuum of care: prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.
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Our black & white commitment

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Welcome to the family.

Everyone deserves a health expert. We give you a Clay Guide to support you through all health stages; sick or well. Your Clay Guide is the orchestrator & go-to for managing every step on your health journey in-and outside Clay.

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Your health comes first.

We’ve got you covered with premium facilities and digital technology to support your active life. A quick text with your Care Team, a chat over video or an in-person text – you have access to all our services, anytime you need. 

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A new approach to exceptional care.

Helping you understand and adopt a proactive approach to lasting wellness is where we thrive. Together, we spot risks, encourage healthy living, and set-up plans to prevent or even reverse disease. 

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