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Feel better to live fuller

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Personalized pain relief with treatments you can trust.

We specialize in advanced treatments designed to alleviate pain, accelerate healing, and restore functionality – so you can get back on your feet, skis, bike, or toes.

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Surgical alternatives

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Emerging Therapies. Learn about emerging practices that utilize the body's natural healing processes to repair damage and reduce pain.

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Neuromodulation. Spinal cord stimulation, peripheral nerve stimulation and other targeted therapies influence brain regions and offer relief for chronic conditions like neuropathic pain, complex regional pain and failed surgeries.

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Interventions. Minimally invasive procedure such as ablations target specific nerves or pain generators to disrupt pain signals and provide relief for conditions like facet joint pain and dysfunction.

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Support for your next step. And the one after that. You’ve got lots of choices, options, and questions. We’ll help you navigate a clear path forward.

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It’s like having a personal assistant.

When we say care, we mean it. It starts with treating you like a family member. When you join, you’ll get your own Clay Guide to help you navigate every single step of your health and care journey by working alongside you.

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Your dedicated Clay Guide® will support your unique path wherever you’re starting from. 

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Our black & white commitment

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Welcome to the family.

Everyone deserves a health expert. We give you a Clay Guide to support you through all health stages; sick or well. Your Clay Guide is the orchestrator & go-to for managing every step on your health journey in-and outside Clay.

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Your health comes first.

We’ve got you covered with premium facilities and digital technology to support your active life. A quick text with your Care Team, a chat over video or an in-person text – you have access to all our services, anytime you need. 

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A new approach to exceptional care.

Helping you understand and adopt a proactive approach to lasting wellness is where we thrive. Together, we spot risks, encourage healthy living, and set-up plans to prevent or even reverse disease. 

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