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A supportive plan that adds up

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A clinically-guided subscription

To lose weight sustainably, you need an expert to evaluate where you are and build a path to where you want to be. After that, we provide an accountability partner to support you along the way.

Starting from $399/month

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Because there’s only one you.

We’ll perform a complete blood analysis to identify imbalances and craft a plan around your unique biology.

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Collaboration and accountability. 

You’ll always have a dedicated Clay Guide in your corner with video check-ins and ongoing message support, so you can reach your goals.

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Lasting results.

The only results that matter are the results that last. That’s why we combine effective medication with permanent lifestyle changes and ongoing coaching.

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Lose some - win more

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Monthly video visits with your Clinician for Rx renewals

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Your own dedicated Clay Guide to support referrals & all health & care needs

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Unlimited text-based messaging with your
Care Team

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Access to medication prescriptions & renewals

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Cost of weight loss medications & shipping to your door (if prescribed)

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Comprehensive at-home blood testing & analysis

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Unlimited in-person, video or chat-based visits

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Weekly texts to support your goals & monthly Care Team check-ins 

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Assisted injection demo video visit 

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Annual in-person health assessment & consultation

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Discounted chiropractic assessment & adjustment

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Discounts on other Clay products & services

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Is this for you?

  • Get a jump-start. Great for supporting individuals who may need help accelerating their weight loss. 

  • Alternative choice. After attempts with traditional weight loss measures resulting in limited success, you're looking for an alternative with proven results. 

  • Lasting impact. Our program is best for individuals catalyze their weight loss journey. Your health coach will work with you to enable sustainable change to your metabolic health. 

“I absolutely love that with Clay, I can text back and forth any questions or needs that arise.”

- Brooke N. (Clay Weight Loss Rx Member)

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  • Monthly video visits with your Clinician for Rx renewals

  • Cost of weight loss medications shipped direct to your door 

  • Assisted injection demo video visit 

  • Your own dedicated, multi-disciplinary Care Team

  • Continuous access to in-person & digitally-based visits

  • Your own dedicated Clay Guide to orchestrate and support healthcare referrals and all things health & care

  • Comprehensive at-home blood testing & analysis

  • Annual in-person health assessment & consultation

  • Unlimited text-based messaging with your Care Team

  • Unlimited in-person, video or chat-based visits

  • Discounted chiropractic assessments & adjustments

  • Prioritized access to medication prescriptions & renewals

  • Monthly Care Team check-ins

  • Discounts on other Clay products & services

Healthy Weight Loss

  • Starting from $399/month

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It’s like having a doctor in the family.

When we say care, we mean it. It starts with treating you like a family member. When you join, you’ll get your own Clay Guide to navigate every single step of your health and care journey alongside you.

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Your dedicated Clay Guide® will support your unique path wherever you’re starting from. 

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Our black & white commitment

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Welcome to the family.

Everyone deserves a health expert. We give you a Clay Guide to support you through all health stages; sick or well. Your Clay Guide is the orchestrator & go-to for managing every step on your health journey in-and outside Clay.

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Your health comes first.

We’ve got you covered with premium facilities and digital technology to support your active life. A quick text with your Care Team, a chat over video or an in-person text – you have access to all our services, anytime you need. 

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A new approach to exceptional care.

Helping you understand and adopt a proactive approach to lasting wellness is where we thrive. Together, we spot risks, encourage healthy living, and set-up plans to prevent or even reverse disease. 

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